Fitness is one of THE biggest trends on Instagram, and it has a huge market with a lot of opportunity! But how can you climb the ranks and become one of the top fitness Instagrammers out there? Of course video workout videos and high quality workouts are super important! But there are also 2 other key qualities that set you apart from the rest: variety, and inspiration. We’ve got some tips that’ll help you pump it up!


There are some fitness instas that have found their “niche,” and latch on to the repetition. But I’m sure we’ve all seen that one accounts that posts nothing but body transformation, or nothing but fit teas, or nothing but workout videos. Okay! We get it. Let’s mix it up. Creating variety in your content is visually stimulating to your users and they will always be interested in what you’re posting. Not to say that having consistency is bad, but always being too repetitive can cause you to lose followers. Throw in an inspirational quote, a photo collage, a workout video, your healthy breakfast, your gym crew– depending on your account focus, the possibilities are endless! Have a look at @bretthoebel, for example, trainer on Biggest Loser:

He has a really nice mix of tutorials, photos, and some other videos, as well as a pattern in place: the first photo in each row is an inspirational quote. A really cool way to incorporate consistency!

These two lovely ladies @twobadbodies also have a great balance of content, quotes, videos, photos; not only is it useful and very relevant to their niche, it’s visually appealing and unique!


One of the hardest things about getting in shape is finding the motivation and inspiration to do so. One of the key reasons people follow fitness IG accounts is to motivate and inspire them to make the change they’ve always wanted. This is super important to keep in mind, and it should be highlighted in your posts! Not only is the photo important, but the caption as well. If people can relate to the story, they are more likely to use your services, follow your account, and engage with your posts. When people are reflecting on their physical appearance and committing to make a change, they need to be able to see themselves in your post, and be inspired. They also want to be challenged, see that it can be possible. Connecting with your followers in fitness more than anything is very key. Building trust and accountability will definitely boost engagement, and will motivate and inspire YOU to keep it up! Some ideas are: body transformations, quotes and photo collages, healthy eating, and lifestyle photos.

Gracie @graciesjourney has had an incredible weight loss journey and always post high value content to her followers with current pics, authentic photos, inspiration, and transformations. She always keeps it real! 

What motivates you the most on fitness IGs? Let us know in the comments!