One unique part of social media is that it’s always changing and always growing. There are some things that stay the same: we always want to keep our authenticity, our brand values and perception, and reach more audience. But how can we do that on a platform that is trending and evolving day to day? We have to stay relevant and well-versed in what is happening on social media to keep growing with it. If we don’t stay connected to the current trends and flow of the platform, we are going to get lost in the crowd and won’t be able to reach our target audiences and maximize our potential. Any change in social media has the power to affect your marketing and your business/brand. This is not only to say that WHAT people are talking about matters, but HOW also matters, and we need to be aware of this! Let’s talk about some ways we can stay on-trend:

Engagement from Your Account 

It is key that you continually engage with your followers and audience targets. It is becoming expected that brands and influencers engage and interact with their followers, which builds a level of trust and communication. This open flow of communication is extremely beneficial and it keeps you in the loop: what people are saying about you, what needs you might have in your business, and highlighting people who are interested and satisfied with whatever it is you may be providing them! You can see this engagement in an example from weightwatchers on Twitter:


From the nature of hashtags, they are meant to be trending. It’s very easy to keep up with the trends on hashtags, using sites for inspiration, as well as using the “follow hashtag” feature via Instagram. These are some good tools to use to make sure you’re incorporating hashtags that keep you relevant, as well as show you what else is out there and connected to similar hashtags. It’s that network connection that our social media feeds shouldn’t be ignoring!

Content: User Generated

UGC is a great way to keep your content fresh and current! If you have followers that have content that’s awesome, shoot them a feature! It’s great because it continues to build that trust in communication that we mentioned earlier, and it also really integrates your followers into your community in a relevant and meaningful way.

@Starbucks always has great re-gram content.

Content: Video Feeds

As we’ve said in many of our other articles, don’t waste your opportunity to be trending in real-time! Video feeds have really increased the possibility to do that, staying uber-visible to your followers at all times through creative marketing and augmented reality filters. Don’t miss the opportunity, amp up your feed content to stay on-trend.

What other trends help you stay active on social media? Let us know in the comments!