Want to get the most out of your gram and start building a solid online following for your music? Well tune in. Get growing your fan base with Magic Social’s organic follower boosting service, put these handy hints to use and be on your way to Insta stardom!



1. Reserve your Insta Name

Before you start, ensure you don’t use your personal account for your musical content. As good as your dinner may look, this is not what your musical followers are interested in so keep things separate. Set up your new music account with a branded email address for collab/business enquiries and make sure its memorable to start reeling in those follows.



2. Tailor your Bio

Introduce your musical profile by putting your Insta bio to work. Use this prime profile real estate to link your followers to your website, Youtube or Soundcloud pages to ensure your work gets maximum exposure to your fans. Keep it short and sweet to let your fans know what your sound is about and keep em tuning in.


3. Sync your Social Platforms

Make the most of social networking and link your Instagram profile to your other online outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. Utilizing this tactic will not only grow your follower count as your pictures and videos get maximum exposure, but also help to strengthen your online fan community and get your voice heard.


4. Engage your Community

Your fans are your biggest asset in the music biz, so make sure you look after them. Keep your content and captions engaging to stay tuned into what your fans like to see and hear; and be sure to always thank them for their ongoing support!



5. Get Tagging

Like any Instagram post, the way to get the most out of your musical content is to ensure you get tagging. Increase the searchability of your posts by utilizing both geotags and hashtags and you’ll have yourself a fan army in no time!