While Facebook and Instagram continue to boom with all types of engagement– advertisements, shopping, events, and more, Twitter has somewhat slowed down this year as the other giants continue to dominate the social media world. Even with this decline, Twitter is a necessary tool that can be incredibly useful for building trust in your brand/products, as well as engagement and directing traffic to your actual websites. As we mentioned in our previous post, we know that engagement is increased with photos and videos. But we shouldn’t underestimate the power of text to help drive our marketing strategies! At the very least, it can reinforce all of our other efforts. Here are some tips on how to write tweets to increase your followers and drive traffic!

Tweet Proactively

What does that mean? Well, you want to keep your tweets short, sweet, and call your followers to action! Spark their interest with a short sentence, and call them to do something! This can work for any content type. It can also be paired with a photo or video, which nowadays you will see almost exclusively. It’s very rare to see a tweet without some kind of visual media, but that doesn’t mean that your text can be written poorly, or neglected. It will exponentially increase the success of your post if you execute on all points! Check out an example from a lifestyle Twitter account:

You see that active verb right at the beginning! Great way to link your followers to some site content.

Leave them wondering

Not giving all of the information really does work; they didn’t say “curiosity killed the cat” for nothing! Just give your followers a little tip of the iceberg, some small piece of info, and they will want to see what the outcome/result/final point is! You may have heard the term “clickbait” thrown around, something that just entices readers to click without much of a payoff, and it’s coined for a reason. People will click on it! And more often than not, it wasn’t a complete waste of time. Make sure your content is kick-ass, and people will be glad that they didn’t pass up the chance to take a look. Here’s an example from a Fitness Twitter account:

What move?! We just have to know. 😉

Mentions and Hashtags

Connect, connect, connect! Don’t forget to include your network– get those hashtags going, relate to the conversation! Mention people or accounts that you reference, or even followers if you’re retweeting! You can even do some shoutouts and ask for some retweets. There are many different ways that you can use these tools, but remember to include them in your tweets as they help get you into the conversation and can build your network and your relationships in the community of your followers and the platform. Check out an example from a music Twitter account:

We’ve got some shoutouts, hashtags, and even a link to her content! Pretty sweet, Demi.

What are your special tips for writing some killer tweets? Let us know in the comments!