Want to take your Instagram to the next level? Then listen up. The key to a beautifully curated Instagram feed is to find your theme and stick to it. Check out our Top 3 tips below to help you craft your Insta aesthetic and have your followers worshiping your fly ‘gram game!


1. Pick a Colour Scheme

All of the best Instagram’s have an obvious colour scheme. Whether it is light and bright, muted vintage tones or even straight up black and white; it pays to pick a look and stick to it. To best achieve this, try sticking to a select few filters when editing your pics or consistently feature a pop of your chosen colour in your content; see below for some palate-perfect images that are totally #inspo.


2. Be Picky

With great posts, comes great responsibility. While you may have some seriously cute pictures that your desperate to ‘gram, first consider if they fit into your Instagram ‘brand’ to help maintain your theme. Also, be sure to check they are top quality images free from any grain or blur to help keep your feed looking polished and 100% on point.

@ihavethisthingwithpink shows how to really work that theme!


3. Plan Ahead

Think about your feed as a whole to help keep that theme going strong. Plan your images before you shoot and give yourself a set of aesthetic rules to follow for every picture to instantly make your page more cohesive. Keep your lighting, use of negative space and framing as consistent as possible and plan the order of your posts ¬†ahead of time to ensure they all work together to create a gorgeous ‘gram.


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