Although many of us dabble in Instagram, few of us can say that we’ve reached a level of success that would qualify us as experts.

Wait, isn’t Instagram just for sharing photos with your friends?

It may be for some, but I’m guessing if you’re reading this guide, you take your feed a little more seriously. So for you, Instagram will involve planning, photography, photo-editing and communication skills. It’s basically just a whole lot of work.

So here are our Top 6 Tips for putting your Instagram to work. Follow these tips to learn how to get Instagram followers

Username & Bio

Your username and bio are the an identification of your brand. It’s what people are going to know you as. So, make it something specific and descriptive of you and your personal brand.

If you also run a Facebook page or a Youtube channel, we recommend using the same username for all, to make it easier for your followers to find you on all networks.

 Find Your Calling

Defining your niche can help you find an audience and streamline your content. Figure out what it is that you’re really passionate about documenting and then create content based on this. This can be fitness, automotives, fashion, food, lifestyle, art – the world is your oyster.

Content is King

Your content on Instagram is your photos, videos and descriptions. It’s what people follow you for, and here are some key things you need to remember to keep your content appealing to your followers:

  • Quality- the content needs to be of high quality, which starts with taking great photos (you can read our guide on Instagtam photography here) and ensuring that whatever you’re about to put up matches the interests of your target audience.
    Remember to go down the route of aqquiring genuine traffic, many Youtubers for example go down the road to buy youtube views from external agencies.
  • Quantity- you need to make sure you’re posting this content frequently and consistently. 2-3 times a day is the recommended average. We also recommend creating a post schedule so you don’t forget to post.
  • Authenticity – content is received better if it’s authentic. So, whatever you’re posting, just make sure it’s original and true to you.
  • Description – people love storytelling, and adding a rich description to your photo or video gives you an opportunity to do just that. You can share, with you followers, a big milestone and what it means to you, or a funny story. They will feel like they are getting to know you and are a part of your life, like a friend would be.
  • Hashtags – hashtags are a part of your description, but they serve as a tool to help your photos be found. See our post about gaining likes on Instagram for a list of hashtags you might want to employ the help of.

If National Geographic’s feed isn’t all of the above, we don’t know what is.


While content is incredibly important for a successful Instagram account, so is engaging with other users. We recommend interacting with other people’s photos by liking and commenting, as that makes people feel appreciated, and it might make them interested to check out your account.

As well as this, you want to make sure you’re engaging with your followers, so if someone asks you a question, it’s a good idea to reply. Particularly, if it’s about a product or an item of clothing you’re wearing.

Some celebs like Selena Gomez (currently most influential Instagrammer) even answer personal questions, like the one on the left here.

Although engaging is highly important, we realise that doing this at scale can be time consuming, so you can always look into automatic this process with Magic Social’s engagement tools.

Get Noticed

There are currently 1000 million monthly users on Instagram, so it can often feel difficult to be noticed, even if you’re doing all the right things.

So, Magic Social have decided to help you get the recognition your hard work deserves, by developing an Instagram-approved system that organically places your content on the ‘Explore page’ for users that actively use the hashtags you use. This means that not only are the followers real, they are also genuinely interested in the content you post and therefore their engagement with your posts are valuable.

What Not To Do

Don’t buy FAKE followers. We know it’s tempting, but you don’t want to do this for a couple of reasons:

  • Instagram can penalise people who do this.
  • You account seems unauthentic as the follower to ‘like’ ratio, or ‘like-through-rate’ is low. If you have 20K followers and your photos only get 50 likes on average – everyone knows the followers are bought, not active and don’t genuinely engage with your content!


What We Learnt

Instagram is a great platform to promote yourself and your brand, but it will require effort and work on your part. If you ever get stuck, do ask us for a little help. Now get to work!