In the world of social media, everyone knows that a little blue checkmark next to your name means that you are “legit.”

If you look for your favorite celebrity’s page, and you don’t see the blue checkmark, you probably know that this is a fan account or an impersonator. This is also true for many other famous brands, services, and accounts on Instagram.

Obviously, this small feature has become a very sought-after part of Instagram for users everywhere. But how can it be achieved?

Per Instagram, you can see the following, having active Instagram followers matters:

“A verified badge is a check that appears next to an Instagram account’s name in search and on the profile. It means that Instagram has confirmed that this is the authentic account for the public figure, celebrity or global brand it represents.

It’s been proven you need to grow a fan-base before even attempting to get a verification badge on Instagram. Many influencers are using growth services like Magic Social to grow their following with real targeted followers to then apply for a verification badge.

Accounts representing well-known figures and brands are verified because they have a high likelihood of being impersonated. We want to make sure that people in the Instagram community can easily find the authentic people and brands they want to follow.”

Instagram verified

Above you can see the real Bieber account, versus the one below:

blue checkmark

So basically, this is just to say that it is an extra public-level authentication tool. Well, we want to be well-known figures and brands too, right!? But how can we get one?

Per Instagram: 

“Right now, only some public figures, celebrities and brands have verified badges. It’s not currently possible to request or purchase a verified badge. A in-depth article on medium explains the process on how to get verified on Instagram.

If your account doesn’t have a verified badge, there are other ways to help let people know that you’re authentic. For example, you can link to your Instagram profile from your official website, Facebook page or Twitter account.”

So basically, it’s as elusive as a solid understanding of bitcoin. But is there anything we can do to boost our chances of becoming verified? Short answer, yes.

How to boost your chances of becoming verified

Link your accounts and cross-engage

Having a social media presence on Instagram isn’t the only factor. Having a large following on all of your media accounts (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter) can also raise your likelihood of becoming a verifiable Instagram user. Use cross-posting between your accounts and also popular hashtags to raise visibility. Building your follower base is an important part of becoming verified, and interaction with other accounts is also key.
get verified on instagram

how to get verified on ig

instagram verification 2

All of the verifications going on for Emily Skye! And very active on all platforms. Bravo

Become Verified on other platforms

While waiting for your Instagram verification, put time and effort into becoming verified on other platforms as well. This goes along with our first tip. It shows you are reputable to Instagram, and it can also be reassurance to your followers or clients that, while you aren’t verified on Instagram yet, you are still verified on other platforms. This can build trust. Associating yourself with big platforms such as YouTube or Shopify can also help. If you make yourself look like you could potentially be impersonated, this will play a role in getting you that verification. After all, that is the true purpose of the verification.

facebook verified
Facebook verified!

Post original content

Make sure that the content you are using is quality, unique to you, and engaging to your followers. If you have very generic content, chances are you aren’t going to be deemed “worthy” of becoming verified. Gearing your content around your specific brand and really beefing up your Instagram and other social media platforms is key to helping you get verified!

We are here for you on your growth quest! Let us know how we can help you in the comments!

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