Fashion has a lot of things in common with Instagram, if you think about it– they are both widely popular, important to many people, and a driving force in culture and society. That’s also why they work so well together! If you’re in fashion and you’re not tapping into the market of Instagram, you are missing out on one of the easiest and most mainstream channels to increase your visibility on the scene! Check out 3 fashion tips to help you amp up your style. Whether you’re a model, fashion business, photographer, retailer, brand, or just interested, there’s something for everyone here!

Great suggestive layout from ModCloth!

  1. Keep it simple

This could be said about any area of focus on Instagram, but the platform is direct and simple in itself. We should keep our content direct and simple as well. It is very user-friendly and attractive in a world that is already over complicated!

Here @lacoste does a good job of keeping it simple with a very popular photo

  1. Hashtags

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 1.44.19 PM

There are over 400,000,000 posts about fashion on Instagram. Even if you hate hashtags, you should definitely use them! When people look for fashion or style, they may be looking for something specific and your photo can be connected to this. Some of the most popular general hashtags include: #fashion #ootd #instastyle #style #streetlook #casualstyle


Pacsun uses a few key hashtags here to promote their merchandise

  1. Filters

Make sure your photos are edited to perfection. Whether you want a super edited look, or one that’s more natural, your photos should be sharp and high-quality. Be clear about the message you’re sending with your photo and use the style and simplicity to engage your followers. When you see somebody on Instagram, one key factor is identifiability. You’d ideally want your followers to think, “I want to be friends with that person! They’re pretty kick-ass!” They should be able to identify and relate to your content, and making it consistent by using great filters can help you do that!

Aerie keeps a really lively, consistent brand appearance with the use of their photography and filters.

How do you stay fashionable? Drop us a line in the comments!