What’s With All the Food? The Phenomenon Behind Instagram Food Photography

Food. It’s something we need to survive, but more than that, it’s something we use in our daily life to spend time with friends, feel comforted, get healthier, and indulge every once in a while! If that’s the case, why have we developed this obsession with instagramming our food? Hashtags like #foodporn, #foodie, #foodbloger, and even #veganfoodporn have anywhere from hundreds of millions to millions of posts! What’s the obsession with food, and why do we have an uncontrollable need to share it with everyone?

One common denominator is this: we all love it. There isn’t anyone who doesn’t want to see a delicious, dripping, ice cream cookie sandwich, or a hot plate of cheese fries steeped in garlic and bacon, and the list goes on and on. Even the health fanatic can enjoy this! Food connects us on a human and social level, and it’s fun to share our daily indulgences with those around us. Making those connections levels the playing field and makes us all equal.

What about those folks who are healthy eaters and need that motivation? There’s plenty of that as well! There are tons of instagrams that are dedicated solely to healthy eating, recipes, meal prep, and even new products that can help enhance the taste of our food while still keeping it healthy. This has an incredibly huge following on instagram, and everyone takes part in sharing their “healthy lifestyle choices,” from a green shake in the morning, to a paleo lunch, and their fitness routines. Seems like we’re torn between indulgence and healthy living!

No matter the motivation, there’s something for everyone in the world of instagram food. Sharing a lunch on-the-go with your busy followers? Saddling up to eat a nice gourmet meal at the finest place in town? Checking out some local, hidden talent? Whatever it may be, and however it may connect to your brand, you can find your avenue in the food realm and connect with your followers on a foodie level! While perhaps not an everyday posting idea, knowing the popularity, it wouldn’t hurt to throw it out there every once in a while, if it can fit in with your identity and brand.

How can you connect your brand with the food craze? Let us know in the comments!