As I’m sure we’ve all seen, Black Friday promotions have been overflowing into all media points within these past few weeks to tell us about all of the amazing deals we can be a part of. Need a new TV? No problem! Special prices on gym memberships and subscriptions? You got it! Clothes and shoes? Don’t even think twice! This incredibly marketable (and now somehow worldwide) shopping phenomenon is permeating all of our networks, and we can use it to our advantage here on Instagram as well. This is the perfect time of year for increasing brand visibility, pushing your creative limits to expand your content and offers, and generate exposure that will lift you into the new year with a head start! Let’s talk about two ways we can use IG to gain some Black Friday exploits.

  1. Special Offers

This seems to be a no-brainer, but it doesn’t hurt to reiterate. Create some special offers! As we’ve said before, it’s important to stay relevant to the current trends, and adjusting your content just a bit to reflect that is key. You can use your captions, your photos, stickers, etc. to show a connection to black friday and market your product/service/etc. It can be something that really isn’t even that “special,” but appears to be a discount or something new to the customers. For example, Old Navy has been running a 40% discount campaign this week. Black Friday, discounts rise to 50%. This really isn’t so different from what they’ve already had in place; however, even the small change can be associated to Black Friday.

Very subtle, says 50% off in the caption but very nice marketing without screaming BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS!!

  1. Using IG stories to interact

Whether you have a business or not, you can use Instagram stories to keep a real-time update on how your offers are going; you can create polls comparing products or experiences, show customers using your products, reveal special offers, and more. Get creative! If you don’t have a brand or you’re not looking to sell something, you can still take part in the fun and use the current trends to stay active. Ask your followers questions, do polls, show what you’re up to– you can still increase your exposure and engagement this way, and it’s a fun way to connect with your followers.


Bath and Body Works did an excellent job of using their story to show their promotions (see their Instagram), and engage their followers! They also had some great content for their brand advertising their specials. 

What specials do you use for Black Friday? How do you boost your engagement! Let’s discuss in the comments!