Instagram have recently released their brand new Album function which allows you combine 10x photos and videos in a single post to really amp up your content. When used correctly, this new function can gain you likes, follows and even social influencer status- so here’s how.


Pick a Theme

Each album should be thought of as a slideshow, so be sure to pick a theme and stick to it. Whether you choose to showcase a series of event based pics, or opt for a colour based theme, the idea is to keep each set of images cohesive. Don’t just post up your 10 latest pics from your camera roll, like all Instagram content the key is to curate.

Captions are Key

As with singular image and video posts, the caption you choose to accompany your post is super important. As albums are still a fairly new feature many grammers aren’t aware of the scrolling function required to view the full image set, so why not utilize your caption to help point them in the right direction. Try something along the lines of “A few snaps from last night’s launch!” (or similar) to help them recognise the new format. After a few albums this won’t be necessary and you can have more fun with it; just always remember to keep em short and sweet!


Order Up

Keep in mind that the order of your images can make or break the success of your album; the primary image is the one which will get the most views so ensure it is the strongest to help lure in those likes and get your followers scrolling. To change the order of your pics, simply tap and hold to move them through the album.