Instagram: 3 Can’t-Miss trends for 2017


Looking for ways to boost your followers and create meaningful content? Here are 5 tips that can help you engage your audience!!

Instagram stories

Use your instagram stories to engage your audience on a daily basis: from breweries, to actors, to musicians, to stores, it’s shown that all types of users can benefit from creating a “live, temporary feed” that connects to their users on a daily and personal level. We want to feel like we have a peek inside of the action, like we’re right there with you on a real-time level.


Instagram stores can be a very creative and engaging way to do that! There are many options with filters, paints, emojis, and more. You can also provide direct links to personal sites or stores by using the “swipe up” option, allowing users to browse your content directly in real time. Great way to open followers up to other media streams.


User content

Did someone share a pic wearing or using your product? Post something you like or believe in? Is someone listening to your song? Watching a funny part of your movie? Share it! Using the repost app can be an excellent way to engage your fan base and make them feel like a part of the action. Extra tip: Want more material to choose from? Create photos and video challenges for your followers and repost their responses! This is an easy way to get user-generated content which you can repost on your instagram, or use in emails/promotional materials.

Another engaging way to get them active is to ask them to post a specific emojior response on your photo once they’ve read your post, agree with your opinion, and so on. While it’s not the shareable user content you get from challenges, it gets the community active and engaged!



Motion and pictures can speak volumes about anything! Creating moving pictures using the boomerang app is a fun way to use photos and marketing while adding a fun and personal touch. Capture the beauty of the moment, and give your followers a quick glimpse into your world. There isn’t any sound to worry about, shows you or your products in motion, and provides your followers with a nice break from the traditional video and photo media they are exposed to on instagram. It is becoming more popular and is definitely a trend in 2017.  

Got your own trends or tips? Drop us a comment and share your brilliance!