So guys! We’re all about the positive here at Magic Social, focusing on what we CAN do to make sure we get that Instagram growth and drive the results we are looking for! But, we’ve still got your back, and we want to take a moment to do a spotlight on a few of the Insta-fails that we see out there! Let us give you the lowdown on 4 things you should avoid doing to keep your account 100!

  1. Mistake #1: Not Using Hashtags

I know some people are skeptical of hashtags, but they’re still important! If you really don’t want your followers to see which ones you are using, you can use spaces or dashes to keep them lower in your caption. It’s still accessible if they click to see more, but less visible at first glance. You should try and choose at least 5 relevant hashtags for your content; if you’re not getting the likes you’re looking for, change it up! You can use the comments to update your hashtags and then delete them later.

Here you can see some relevant hashtags that don’t make the post look tacky but still drive traffic. @srtninja

Mistake #2: Not Posting Active Content

A lot of times, people think follower engagement just comes right out of thin air. As much as we wish that were true, it doesn’t! You’ve got to find ways to get your followers active and involved in your content. Ask them a question in the caption! Use your Instagram story to lead them to a new post. Tell them flat out what you want them to do, and give them a link to do it. Posting relevant comment and giving people something to comment about is a key part of engagement.

Mistake #3: Irrelevant Content (to your followers)

Sometimes, what we think is great and hilarious, just isn’t the right content for our brand! That’s why we have a personal Instagram, so we can post all of those hilarious memes that we couldn’t pass up. Make sure you stay consistent and relevant to your followers; variety is important, and you should always keep it fresh! But you also need to know your audience and make sure your posts are well-targeted.

Don’t offend your followers! Take it from Tarte

  1. Mistake #4: Super Sales Pitch

Of course we’re in business to grow that wallet; but guys, we don’t want our followers to feel like they are being bombarded by car salesmen in a parking lot. Coming off super desperate for business or for likes can turn away your followers, causing them to lose trust in you and discounting your authenticity. Keep your posts real and engaging and you’ll be much better off.

Steer clear of these, and focus on improving and utilizing the strategies that keep us successful. Check out our other blog posts for some tips! What things do you avoid on your Insta? Tip us off in the comments!