Instagram has gotten some pretty hefty attention in our last posts, from engagement, to Valentine’s day, and even some new features. But for those of your out there who are using other platforms, or have Twitter as your main focus, we haven’t forgotten about you! This week, we are going to take some time to look at the updates coming to Twitter, how we can use them to be better informed and engaged in the conversation, and boost our interactions.

Twitter has always been a leader in the current events arena; it is a platform that excels in providing breaking news and opinions to its users. It differs from Instagram in the sense that it is more focused on what is currently happening in the world, and that commentary that inevitably comes along with it in the social media arena. Now, Twitter will take this power even further, by incorporating a new feature that will allow for even more up-to-the-minute news.

Social media has been criticized in the past as an unreliable way to get actual news and real-world happenings, but slowly and surely, this is inevitably changing. With the more pull that social media has, the more necessary it is to be incorporated into the real world that we deal with on a daily basis. Instagram Engagement and Facebook has incorporated this a little bit, but it’s not nearly at the level that Twitter currently holds.

This new feature will allow news stations to broadcast their live streams during breaking news stories. This officially solidifies Twitter as THE go-to spot for any real-time and relevant updates that we may need to get. This will also somewhat deflate the prior criticism about unreliable news (depending on your opinion of local broadcast networks). It is now a gateway for us to be provided with that credible news information.

What impact this will have on Twitter as a community is unclear. Still, the way this broadcast feature will be set up is yet to be seen. One thought is that it will help users become more involved and engaged in the conversation in relation to breaking news topics, and this can bring about visibility and increased networking. On the other hand, not all breaking news stories have all of the details, so much information will continue to surface after these broadcasts have ended. In any case, let’s see how this goes and join the conversation!

What do you think about the new feature? Let us know in the comments!