With every passing day, we get loads of comments– some positive, some negative. Usually along the lines of either, “This is great! Does it work for businesses, too?” or “Man, people are so desperate to want a large following!” We’re going to squash this debate once and for all, as it has now come down to this: Instagram isn’t going anywhere, and it’s an indispensable marketing tool that will help your business or personal account IMMENSELY! We can totally understand how people could think that wanting more followers is vain, or useless; but actually, it’s quite valuable, and expands your networks to a whole new level! It can provide more marketing opportunity, bring new clients to your company, raise awareness, as well as help you build a solid brand identity for yourself, your company, or your craft. It also opens up networks and opportunities for jobs, collaborations, and even becoming part of the “influencer” culture that has began to invade Instagram (more on that later). Instagram is a powerhouse of connection, relationships, and opportunity: you just need to figure out how it can best serve you. We are here to help you with that, and give you some ideas on how and why Instagram can help you with your goals.

Instagram was launched in 2010, and in the short 7 years it has been around, there have been so many innovations to the platform, creating more opportunity than ever through a variety of features. This was set into motion by the acquisition of IG by Facebook, which in itself was an incredible business move that no one ever thought could become so valuable. This attests to the growing reasons why Insta is such a big deal.

Instagram is a visual platform, so it gives us the opportunity to sell without selling. For example, promoting your ads on Instagram doesn’t have to look like this:

It can include things like that, sure! But if it ONLY looks like that, you probably won’t find the success you’re looking for. Rather, it may look something like this:

Introduces the product, makes a connection to the audience, provides reference number… nice! @Tezenisofficial


Super relatable and fun, gives link to site, name of the product… success @electrothreads


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Shooting our next documentary. Stay tuned. #ryourogue

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Nice branding, some action going on, caption explains and creates awareness… keeping it fresh @roguefitness

Real-life images and messages in caption to help promote and campaign for a cause. Great @Chancetherapper

Even if you aren’t selling anything, you can use the platform as a jumping-off point to make connections, showcase your talents/abilities, and perhaps create more job opportunities for yourself by building a strong personal identity. As long as you are clear in your goals, Instagram has an incredibly user-friendly platform to help you reach them!

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