Twitter is an excellent way to gain exposure, grow your community, drive your business or express yourself and your thoughts. Whatever your motive is behind using Twitter, your number of followers will influence the reach of your messages and content.

Here are three practical ways to grow your Twitter following:

1. Post Great Content

Posting awesome content is one of the best ways to grow and sustain your following; however, this does not need to be overly time-consuming. While Twitter is a great way to gain exposure for your own content, one of the great things about this social media platform is that the content that you tweet doesn’t always have to be your own. Features such as retweeting and being able to link to other media such as videos and blog posts mean that you can share things that are of interest to you and your audience without having to put the time and effort into creating copious amounts of content of your own. By retweeting and sharing links, you are giving adequate credit to the content creators while still attaching your name or brand to it. This will engage your audience and grow your twitter followers as long as you are sharing what you believe is high-quality content.


2. Engage With Others

Twitter is designed for two-way communication. It is a platform that is best used to facilitate conversation rather than sending out one-way messages that don’t acknowledge other people reading them. By tweeting, following, and retweeting other users, you will increase your own engagement and following. There are, however, limits with how much of this activity you can do in one go – so don’t be spammy.

3. Be Strategic In The Type Of People You Reach Out To

By engaging with a strategically targeted audience, you can grow a base of followers who are loyal and genuinely interested in your account and what you are posting. A great way to do this is to look at accounts in your niche or industry, or accounts that are posting similar content to you. Take note of who they are interacting with, and what kinds of hashtags they are using. You can then use the same hashtags, and interact with similar kinds of people to strategically grow your own following. Another way of targeting followers is to use Twitter’s Advanced Search Feature to search for users within your local area and interact with them; whether this is through tweeting, retweeting or following. Use automation to push your following and automate the tedious tasks you can let a growth service take care of.


4. Magic Social

Here at Magic Social, we realise that growing a following is so necessary, but also extremely time-consuming – so we have taken the challenge out of it. Our services will do this tedious task for you, growing your following over time in a genuine, authentic way.