Finding that delicate balance between number of followers and good engagement can be a difficult one, for even the most advanced Instagrammer. We’re going to talk about the different factors that impact your engagement and figure out how we can do even better!

Follower Count

Follower growth does play a part in this, and we want to tell you a bit more about how. Many times, people buy bulk follower packages and wonder why they only have 3 likes. There are many reasons why this can create a problem, not only for the validity of your account, but also with Instagram itself. Here at Magic Social, we are proud to use our Instagram-approved service to assist you in widening your audience and bringing those real followers to you. This will help you increase engagement, because we are bringing you real, organic, quality followers! Not only are your followers genuine, they are also actually interested in your content. This is one of the most valuable aspects of our service.

But follower count isn’t the only piece of the puzzle that influences engagement. What are some other must-know facts? Check it out here:


If your content isn’t using optimal hashtags, your content isn’t going to be reaching maximum visibility, and won’t get the visibility to increase engagement. Especially with the new features from Instagram, such as “recommended for you” and the “explore” page, it’s important to use these hashtags to bring your content to folks out there who are looking at similar stuff. If you have some fear about loading your caption with hashtags, comment on your photo with some hashtags so that they won’t be immediately visible. This is a good option if you want to keep them more on the “downlow” and not feature them as part of your message. Don’t ignore them, though! Check out this site for some hashtag inspiration. 


And, arguably, content is the most important. Obviously, no matter how interested in your niche your followers are, they will not engage with your content if it isn’t high-quality. What makes up high quality content? Let’s brainstorm here:


You must have good subject matter and clear purpose in your photos. If your photo quality is bad, or your subject matter isn’t interesting, you won’t be attracting many viewers to your photos. 

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Get ready to welcome Pixar to Paradise Pier! We took a stroll around the pier to check out all the new renovations taking place. Disneyland’s California Adventure is starting to change out Paradise Pier to Pixar Pier and we couldn’t be more excited!!! To see what the Pier looks like RIGHT NOW check out our stories. We took a time lapse of what the walkway looks like as of January 19, 2018. 🎡 Midway Mania and the carousel are still open at this time of construction. #paradisepier #pixarpier #pixar #incredibles #mrsincredible #super #spiderman #kiss #cute #disney #disneyland #dlr #dland #disneyside #disneybaby #disneykid #marvel #disneyfamily #abc7eyewitness #pier #california #ca #dca #californiaadventure #californiascreamin #incredicoaster #comingsoon #instagram

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RandomlyRiley is a great example of excellent photography and image selection for engagement.


Color also plays a big part in this. Color (or even sometimes a lack thereof, black and white) enhances your content, and can be defining. Don’t just post random photos to your account– post photos that have an interesting and consistent color scheme, use filters that enhance the photos, and pay attention to which types of photos your followers are actually engaging with.


What is the purpose of your content? What does the caption say? What are you trying to say with your post? Who are you attracting? Are you calling your followers to actively engage, or are they just merely looking at your posts with no purpose? The meaning of each and every one of your posts should be clear, and you should have a goal for each one of them.

If a photo didn’t perform well, don’t keep it! Don’t feel married to any particular post. It’s better to remove low-performing posts that don’t add to your overall aesthetic, than to keep them there and have a muddled and inconsistent brand appearance.

What tips do you have for gaining engagement? Let us know in the comments!