Since the beginning of Instagram, there have been a few markets that have always been very popular and very notable. Music is one of them, and it continues to grow on the platform with all of the implementation of videos and stories. Another is fitness, which has always been incredibly popular not only for community but also for growing business and sharing results. Finally, one of the biggest gurus of the Instagram community is fashion. With the now-exploding trends of shoppable content, integrated ads, and Instagram stories, the fashion scene has become even more a center focus of Instagram.

It is nearly impossible to look at Instagram and not see some sort of post related to fashion– whether it be through ads, Influencer and celebrity accounts, and more. In the recent past, even top-tier fashion accounts such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton have been using the platform to appeal to the younger and more tech-savvy millennial generation. This huge implementation of marketing through their page, ads, and most notably through Instagram stories has given them a rise in popularity and accessibility to a wide range of people. What’s the trick to this? Let’s have a look.

Creative content

Promoting fashion is tricky because you really need to set yourself apart from the rest.

As you can see, this an image that pops with color and detail, has high-quality photography/content focus, and attracts the eye immediately. This will help to set you apart from other fashion accounts that are offering a similar style of marketing as yourself. Always seek to stand out from the crowd and take risks to show your brand image. Fashion is all about style and image– you have to be unique and highly connected to the purpose of your brand.


When we think of fashion, we always think about pictures. But don’t shy away from using the tools that Instagram has given you! Be super innovative with your content and add that pop of individuality through video and moving images like boomerang. Gucci had a very intriguing story campaign and was very consistent with the theme and purpose of it. Tiffany and Co. almost always presents extremely professional and enticing stories, especially throughout the holidays. Don’t shy away from this amazing content and keep going for it!