Facebook and Twitter display and communicate information, and facilitate interaction in very different ways. So when it comes to business, which is better?

Here are a few points to help you choose the best fit for your business:



Home to the most active and responsive users between the ages of 18 and 24, Twitter is notorious for catching trends first and being a place where viral crazes originate.

The searchability functions of Twitter enable your business to reach new audiences through keywords, hashtags, mentions and retweets. With its 140 character limit for posts, businesses are forced to compress their words, generating ‘quality over quantity’ kinds of posts. These posts known as ‘tweets’ are a great way of condensing the messages that your business wants to convey so that they can be quickly understood.

Through these short and concise posts, users more likely to absorb short phrases and catchlines as opposed to getting lost in marketing ramble. Think of it as a great online platform to sell your ‘elevator pitch’ to a wide audience.


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Facebook may as well be a different world to Twitter. Users predominantly scroll for links to Friends, Family, and Events. It is the more relational of the two platforms, whereas Twitter is more channeled to what is new, trending and relevant. Where Twitter creates spontaneous spikes in public interest, Facebook can be used to establish meaningful relationships. A business Facebook page must be liked by users or sponsored to reach an audience. Creating and maintaining these relationships requires ongoing effort by businesses.


When choosing a social media platform for your business, consider the nature of Twitter as a concise way to communicate your message to a wide audience, and Facebook as means of facilitating ongoing relationships between a business and its customers. To reach a more diverse market and welcome active followers, being active on both platforms is key.


For your business to reach an online audience, it requires an investment of time. If you are short on time, let Magic Social do the work. Our services take care of growing your following so that all you need to do is put out your ‘elevator pitches’ to new-found following and watch your business boom!