One major way to increase your engagement on any social media platform is to promote your accounts across all your social media channels. Sharing your different accounts on all social media platforms is going to expose you to the maximum number of potential followers. In this case, we want to talk about how to maximise your engagement using both Instagram and Twitter.

1. Share your own posts

Engaging followers across these platforms could be as simple as sharing your latest Insta to your Twitter account, but you’ve got to do it right. You want to make sure your content is going to be engaging on both platforms before you share it—think appropriate hashtags and an effective caption. For Twitter, you also want to be including a shorter image caption so that the whole thing will fit it in a single tweet. You can add more commentary on your latest Insta or blog post in separate tweets too!

2. Tag brands and influencers

If you’re posting an outfit or an image of other products, always make sure you tag the brands so that they can repost if they want to. Make sure you tag these brands or influencers on each separate platform too. Having brands or popular accounts repost your content is a simple and super effective way to gain followers.

3. Promote your other accounts

Like we mentioned before, you can also use your social media accounts to promote your other social media accounts. This is a good way of encouraging your Twitter followers to also follow you on Instagram, for example.

Image via Twitter.

4. Engage directly with your followers

Twitter is also a good platform to really engage with your followers. You may not have time to reply to all the comments on your latest Insta, but it is much easier to answer questions and chat with your followers via tweet. Start conversations with other influencers or brands in the same industry as you too—this is a great way to encourage retweets, which is a fast way to get new followers.