Get the most out of your profile by using our top 5 tips on how to expertly craft the perfect Insta bio to get that online following growing- team these handy hints with Magic Social’s organic growth service and you’re #winning!

1. Name

Keep your name short, and snappy. Make sure would-be followers can clearly identify who you are at first glance and keep yourself as searchable as possible. Either stick to your name or brand name, or if you want to get right to the point, try adding your profession or skills to help boost those followers.


2. Skills/Profession

Get noticed for your unique skill set or hobbies by including these in your bio subheading. This info will appear when potential followers search your name, and will help users quickly get to know you and what you’re all about!


3. Keywords

While keywords in your bio won’t make you more searchable, it is another handy way to let new followers identify with you. Including your key values and motivations in your bio will help users connect with you and make you more personable; keep in mind that less is more in your bio and opt for singular statements as opposed to a lengthy paragraph.

4. Website Link

Connect your new followers on a deeper social level and link your personal website, blog or other social platforms through your bio. This prime Instagram real estate is perfect for growing your online following across the board so make sure you keep it fresh with your most current content and get building a social army!

5. Get Creative

Last but not least, have fun with it! Play around with creative spacing, punctuation and symbols, or even add in a series of emoji’s to show off your fun side and further showcase your winning personality, and finally use an Instagram growth service to help to boost your following.