Instagram is such a diverse platform, which is one of the best things about using it for marketing. There are so many options, so many different ways to present your content and engage your followers. Being a visual platform, we always want to look for the best photos. When using Instagram for marketing, followers are looking for nice, professional photos. They aren’t looking for bulky images with a bunch of text or ads, they are looking for a subtle experience that allows them to connect with the brand or product. Of course, this means that we have to be very conscious of and consistent in what kind of content we are posting. Even if the photo appears to be “random” or spontaneous, it should still be well thought-out with a clear purpose for the brand owner. Photos should have good lighting, good composition, and include some element of authenticity that our followers can connect with. Easy! Okay… not easy, but simple, at least. But which type of content is the most valuable? Which gets the most attention? We know that we can use photos, videos, and album sets. But is one better than the other? We’re going to examine this to help develop your content.


As Instagram was initially just photo based, this is still a tried and true way to distribute your content. Make sure that each photo is valuable, don’t post things that don’t have intention, and be specific with your captions and hashtags. This is especially valuable. Perhaps the photo is okay, but the caption really hit it home, and your followers are digging it. Don’t underestimate the value of your words and messages!

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Today was a perfect day. I (Liam and Riley’s mom) took Liam by himself to @disneyland and it reminded me so much of the mornings when I would take Riley at his age. I love seeing his little personality take shape and watching his imagination grow. I posted most of his interactions in our stories. We were lucky to see so many friends today! Our family is SO grateful to be annual pass holders and be able to enjoy Disneyland and all it has to offer. Thank you @ocfitmommy for coming with us, we love you guys so much! ✨ #sleepingbeauty #aurora #princephillip #princeliam #liamindisneyland #disneyland #disney #disneybaby #disneyside #disneykid #disneyinstagram #dlr #dland #onceuponadream #princessaurora #princess #redhead

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Super cute photo from @randomly_riley, and relatable message that gives more meaning to the photo!

Albums/Photo Sets

Photo sets are also a way that we can distribute our content; it has been said that they don’t normally do as well as regular photos. But the longer it exists, the more it appears to be untrue. Photo sets can really be valuable as it can help to expand your content, create fun or interesting sequences, and also create variety. If we look at this account, we can see that the photo sets haven’t got less likes than other content; in fact, they did really well.

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Miami next week

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Here you can see the photo album, and it’s got more likes than the regular non-album photos. Of course, one strategy is to make sure your first photo is captivating.


Videos are increasingly popular as well, and they always do very well on IG. But keep in mind, not everyone wants to turn on the sound when scrolling or watching, so you can make your content more user-friendly by adding captions or no sound. Of course it doesn’t always make sense to do this, but it can be a valuable tool to use. Also, ensure that you set a good cover photo for your video; this way, it will look good on your profile and also will entice viewers to watch it. Videos are always going to be very popular and you should definitely make sure to include them in your content.

Chris Burkard has an amazing photography account; he doesn’t use many videos, but when he does, they are really valuable content in addition to his photos!

Having a healthy mix of all three is your best bet— analyze your results, and use what works best for you! Instagram is a very versatle and ever-changing platform, it’s not a “one size fits all” tool. Don’t forget that revising and monitoring your engagement is key in developing a solid account!

What has worked for you? Drop us a line in the comments!