Being in the Instagram marketing world, we’re constantly exposed to the next big tool. In the current moment, there are some excellent tools that Instagram provides in order to bump our engagement and interaction, leading to new business. Things like Instagram stories, video filters, live videos, and especially Instagram ads have all really revolutionized the ways that we interact with our followers and has infinitely increased our exposure and opportunity to show our followers who we are as a brand. But now, these tools are taking it even further with another element that isn’t exactly technological.

With the rise of YouTube, after a certain point, a variety of YouTube personalities surfaced, and became a certain type of “celebrity” in their own right. Many of those “stars” have gone on to be very successful or notable in entertainment, with millions and millions of viewers and followers. This has translated and blended into other social media platforms. You can bet that those YouTube stars are on all other social media platforms. This concept is a good one– cover as much ground as possible with your accessibility and brand. But moreover, we are starting to see this explode onto Instagram as well, in the form of “Influencers.”

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In the old days, when you met a person and wanted to know more about them, you’d ask people. You’d ask your friends, what kind of person is he or she? Is he or she nice? Trustworthy? If you wanted to hire that person at your workplace, you’d call the references and again ask the same things. The fact is, your degree and academics are only a small part of you. A more important part of you is how you behave with people. . Nowadays, we don’t just ask other people. In fact, in today’s world of “internet-everywhere”, it’s not even the first thing we think of when trying to find information. One of the first steps that anyone will do is google the person’s name. Now, don’t deny it, you’ve done it too. So then, here’s the question: If they google YOUR name, what would come up? . Your reputation can make or break you. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the internet is now part of that reputation. You’ll have potential employers googling you, current employers facebooking you and colleagues or clients checking online to see who you are and what you are worth. . Watch what you post. It will never leave the internet even if you delete or disable it. 📷 @timkarsliyev –

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What is an Influencer?

This is someone who is desirable on Instagram to promote and create visibility for a specific product or idea. For example, someone who is considered to have a certain amount of clout or expertise in a certain area; also, a person with a very wide platform and audience size. Of course we want to increase our exposure as much as possible, and it seems like using someone of high influence would be an ideal way to do that. However, this new culture of everyone being “Instafamous” does bring in many people who are looking to be a part of this lucrative position, without really being someone of influence. Keep an eye out for a few things:

  1. Knowledge/Experience– Do they have any relationship with regards to my targets? Talk to your influencer before you work with them. What is their reputation in the community and does it mesh with your brand and mission?
  2. Creative– your influencer is essentially a business partner. Looking for ways to creatively market your content is important, and not a skill everyone has. Make sure you jive with the person you decide to work with.
  3. Authenticity and Character– Good influencers should be strong in their character. This gives their true energy to your followers, and that likability really influences your engagement. They should use their platform to take a stand, while also exposing your products/events/ideas/etc.. If something pertinent is happening in current events, their authenticity should be able to come through. The idea is that they are an expert at being a personality, and to influcence someone, you need to have that to a whole new level.

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Act like a lady, think like a boss, respect yourself like a queen. All ladies are bosses, queens and goddesses. It's time we unite and start a revolution. Let's make a shift now. Own your power and celebrate the beauty of being confident, intelligent, & independent. Don't follow the nonsense shoved down our throats from tv and social media from people popular in "reality tv." That phase of bs is crumbling quickly because it isn't real. Celebrate your natural beauty, mind, spirit and integrity. Don't be forcefed insecurities from marketing gurus trying to sell the lies of superficial exterior body parts. It's a nonsensical, impossible ideal to look up to and it's artificial programming. Don't buy into it. Don't believe the hype. You aren't who you date so never try to associate with people for superficial reasons. Who cares about girls that get temporary fame for who they date. It's time to celebrate the women who stand for something and attain success through their own work and merits. It's time to celebrate true queens! You are more than enough just as you are. ✨🙏👸🏻👑 Never let anyone tilt your crown. Hold your head high and walk in confidence. It may take longer to take the more self respecting, virtuous and truly authentic route, but it's always lonelier at the front when you're leading instead of following. It's far more fulfilling to achieve your dreams with your soul intact, than to lose yourself following the herd that's being led by false idols who have no substance or value. I support you my queens. Love and light ❤️✨🌺 #queens #boss #goddess #love #empowerment #bodypositive #women #girls #girl #support #girlpower #spiritual #positivevibes

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Before you take on an influencer of your own, consider what results it might bring you, and make sure that you chat with them before paying them! Consider who will really help accentuate your brand, not everyone is always a perfect fit! Have you used influencers? What did you think? Drop us a comment!