Visually exciting and useful to boot- Instagram is a must for budding bloggers. Extremely fun and addictive in itself, Instagram can also be used to build your audience across other online platforms such as personal, lifestyle or even business blogs. Grow your followers on the ‘gram using Magic Social’s genuine engagement boosting packages and get ’em clicking through to your blog in no time with the below how-to hints.  Too easy.

Keep That Bio Link Fresh

A key strategy to try to get your Instagram engagement working for your blog is to ensure your featured link is well utilized. Instagram allows you one link in your bio so be sure to make the most of it- keep the link fresh by featuring your latest blog posts, and make sure you mention the link in your Insta posts to encourage your followers to get clicking! For an extra edge, try using a link shortener such as to keep your bio uncluttered and to help you track your clicks to see what content works best; talk about a #protip!


Tease Your Content

Make Instagram the ultimate marketing tool and provide snippets of your blog content on the ‘gram. Whether you use a punchy quote to summarize your blogs, or a sneak preview of behind the scenes content, get your followers wanting to click that link to find out more. Don’t forget to include some subtle yet tantalizing calls to action alongside these teasers to really make your posts draw em in!

Brand your Blog

Create well polished imagery that features your blog branding or url to help push your platform. Consistently featuring blog related content on Instagram will help establish your brand in the minds of your followers and grow your readership.  Studies show that Instagram automation delivers over 50 times more engagement per follower than Facebook so it’s a great way to up your image!