So guys, as we’re all living in the social media world, there are many different factors that play into our success. On one hand, we have our networking, which is an obvious main point. The size of our network can ultimately determine whether or not we reach the success we are set out for, depending on our goals. On another hand, we have our brand mission and authenticity. If we can’t build trust with our clients/followers/partners, we won’t be able to reach much success. We have other elements as well, such as our design and aesthetic, which also plays into who we are as a brand, and what our audience sees/how they perceive us. All of these factors we have basic control over. And, as we’ve said before, trial and error is important in order to find out what makes us successful in our respective markets. But what happens when we make changes that aren’t received well by our followers, and proceed to disregard their feedback? What happens when outside sources affect our credibility, or damper our reputation? What kind of effect can this have on our business, and on our chance of success? Let’s have a look at a recent event to find out one possibility.

As I’m sure most of you are aware, Kylie Jenner (one of the Kardashian clan) has a huge social media empire with massive influence on all platforms. Let’s see what she tweeted yesterday about a certain platform, here is what magicsocial review had to say:

After this damning tweet defaming Snapchat, according to CNN and other major news outlets/NYSE, Snapchat stock began plummeting, dropping over $1 billion. Whether or not the events are related is up to speculation, but this is something that cannot be good news for a brand that is already suffering.

In the recent updates of Snapchats, users have been incredibly vocal over their dissatisfaction with the platform, even going to the lengths of creating a petition to reverse the changes– a petition in which over 1 million people have signed. In the head offices of Snapchat, these complaints are falling on deaf ears, with company heads confident that users just need “time to get used to it.”

So the question lies: when do we accept our trial and error as error, and how can we provide a meaningful service/brand/product to our clients while listening to their needs? The fate of Snapchat is yet to be seen, and the action they will take is also in the wings. We need to be wary of the state of our brand and our marketing, and the way people talk about it. Influencers like Kylie Jenner are not going anywhere in the world of social media, and as long as influencers and networks are around to shine a light on our actions, we must be hyper-aware of our followers desires and needs. We must align those to the nature of our business, and of our platform, to be successful.

Listen to your followers. Know your market. Make necessary changes. We can’t be afraid to take risks; however, we cannot be afraid to admit our mistakes, either. In a virtual world of many critics, user feedback is increasingly valuable, and plentiful. Do not be afraid to listen. It will set you apart from the rest.

How do you gage your market’s feedback? Do you think Kylie caused the stock crash? Let us know in the comments!