Want to get maximum exposure for your #fitpics but are struggling to get yourself out there? We got you. Follow these 3 simple steps and make that double tap your b*tch.

Hashtag Like the Pro’s
Never underestimate the power of some well used #hashtags. By promoting your post with a series of fitness specific tag’s and using Magic Social’s targeted follower booster packs, your pics will not only become more visible on Instagram’s Popular page, but also become more searchable! Check out our list below for some must-use fitness tags:

After some more sweet tips? We’ve got you fam.

Post your tags like a pro in a comment separate from your caption; this way you get the publicity without spamming your followers.

Also, try having your tags saved in your phones notes and simply copy and paste in your comments to save yourself some time- you’re welcome. 😉


Mix Up that Insta Aesthetic!

The last thing you want is to bore your followers, right?! Be sure you keep your posts fresh with plenty of variation, this means not only switching up your content by including a range of pics (a good selection of progress selfie’s, workouts, quotes and nutrition posts), but also switching it up when it comes to your captions and the times that you post. Covering your bases will help you gauge what content is most popular and get you maximum exposure on the ‘gram!

@jessica.addis shows us how it’s done.

Interact with your Fitfam

Along with sharing a consistent stream of progress photos to keep your followers interested, its super important to remember that engagement goes both way; communication is key right?!

Make sure to not only reply to people’s comments on your posts, but to also spend some time on the ‘gram liking and commenting on their posts. People like being liked and will be more likely to engage with your journey if you engage with them first- After all, this is Social Media- so go be social!